The Four Directions

If you talk to the animals        they will talk with you        and you will know each other.    If you do not talk to them        you will not know them,      and what you do not know        you will fear.    What one fears, one destroys..... 

Chief Dan George,  "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews
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As a child I played endlessly in the woods with friends out behind our houses.  This was an opportunity to be one with nature and it's habitats. 

It seems that I can see animals  that are hidden in the woods.  They seem to just appear in my sight. This is very cool.

I feel their souls as I look into their beautiful eyes.

I believe we can communicate with those that have passed.  I know this to be true because I have had the joy to talk with my own family and friends who have passed into spirit.

Why I'm an Animal Whisperer/communicator

My Favorite Quote

 How does this all occur? Do the animals actually speak? These are valid questions. Communication occurs because of the vibrational energy created by the movement of atoms. With everything being made up of atoms, including thoughts, body language, and sounds, I have developed the ability to read information within this vibrational energy. I move my energy to a loving and higher level to blend with the vibrational energy that is within us and our animals. *I do not invade anyone's energy. I ask for consent and permission from an individual and the animal before I do any readings. You must be the owner of the animal to have a reading on them.

Animals of all species, are using communication between each other and with those around them. Animals can think and feel just as we do. They feel loss, sadness, and happiness. They know the time, colors, and what day it is. All animals have a higher intelligence and understand what we are saying and thinking. It is important that you have an open mind and heart when receiving messages from your faithful friends.  My commitment is to bridge the gap between humans, animals, loved ones, who are here and whom have passed.     

What is Animal Communication ?

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