The Four Directions

Introduction to Janet Kennedy, M.Ed


Communication with animals began long ago when I was a young child and has continued into a life long experience.  I have always been around animals growing up, either in the forest, friends or next-door at my neighbor’s barn trying to get rides on their horses.

I never felt animals were different from me. There was always a feeling of trust and love for them.

My path to working with animals and spirits was when I was in my early twenties, I had the unfortunate experience of having a death experience.  I do not consider it or call it a near death, by no means was I near it, I was in it.  I happen to be tied by the main sheet rope of a small sail boat, to it's side while being 4 inches under water.  It was during a summer camp job located on Great Pond in ME.  I had an amazing experience traveling into the white light and while following along in what seem like a tunnel.  When I found myself on the other side, as enjoyable as it was, it was decided and time for me to return back to the earth plane.  So back I came.  This life altering event contributed to my future seeking of what else is there after we have reached our final destiny here on the earth plane.  My spiritual path began.

Communication occurs as simple as this, everything is made up of millions of atoms, atoms are in constant motion creating a vibrational energy.  Ask your self why do we have a solid object if the atoms are always moving.  I believe it is this; we think things are to exist as we have been taught them to be.  It is the vibrational energy that I have learned to understand and read.  I can work as a  psychic, but prefer to use the communication as a way of getting information.  What a  psychic does, is they read the energy around you for example, your Aura.  I am a communicator that speaks to your animals that are here and in the here after. 

Animal Communication and spirit communication was a natural fit for me. For animal communication, I really started to pursue it when I was having behavioral issues with my own cat. I began to research for answers and I came upon animal communication. I was led to a workshop put on by world renowned Amelia Kinkade. Upon taking her workshop, she recognized my abilities to communicate and immediately encouraged me to become a professional. I had previously been studding forms of energy and could begin to see how our thoughts are also energy. Ever wonder why you were thinking of someone and shortly there after they called? There is no mystery, the energy through the thoughts is what connected the two together and that prompted them to call. My professional background is in the following fields; I hold a Massachusetts License in Sports Medicine and as a Teacher in Education, Reiki, Mediumship (Spiritual communicator), Animal Communicator/Whisperer and Adolescent spiritual adviser. I work with all species of life and use Telepathic, Medical intuitive, Gestalt, and Clairvoyance to receive and convey messages. These specialties help me to receive information on many levels. With these abilities, I am able to provide information that can help to answer questions, comfort and a knowing that all will be OK. The learning, studying and understanding of energy has assisted me in doing the work I find fascinating and truly love.

**As an animal communicator or a medium, I can work with you, your animal and loved one from the other side, from any part of the country or world.  You, your animal, or beloved one, need not to be physically present with me or you, to communicate.  It can all be done over the phone. I know! Wild isn't it? Why not give it a try? Your animals and loved ones are waiting. We can always trySkype. The only thing is this, my energy sometimes can mess with computers. But we can always give it a try.

***Boston Sunday Globe, October 12, 2014.

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**** I was invited to be on the popular show "Wife Swap" in 2009, I unfortunately had to decline.

Thank you for choosing me as your animal communicator and or, medium.


Janet Kennedy M.Ed