The Four Directions

**I do all private sessions over the phone.  (A private, in person reading, must be specially arraigned.) 

***I am available for group readings in the New England area.

When contacting Janet, via email or by phone, Please keep it very, very brief.

(It is important to give as little detail as possible.  I would rather have no information then the whole story.)

It is important that I give you the information rather then you supply the information to me.  By providing you with the information, it helps us both to know that the evidence is accurate.  My mind will want to attach itself to your information and create a story.  You will have plenty of time in our session to discuss evidence. Please feel free to send me a photo.

*I do not advertise myself as an animal trainer or a medical expert.  My experiences and professional background assist me in understanding the messages from your animals.

*How I get information is by using telepathic communication with your beloved friend.   I will explain further when we connect for our session.

For Lost animals, I do understand how difficult it is on you.  I do not lead anyone on with multiple sessions, nor do I make any promises.  I have a 50% return rate, a 90% on what happened.  My goal is to provide as much information to you in  two,  30-minute sessions.  I set it up this way so you can take the information and  work with it.

Please call or email me at:

 781-214-6249~ Eastern Standard Time

(Please speak slowly)

Hours: Monday - Saturday, 9:00 am - 7:00 pm


**I will respond within 24 hours.**

Thank you for choosing me to be your Animal Communicator.

Contacting                             Janet,

What to expect during a session;