The Four Directions



 Mediumship is a form of Healing.  It is through the messages from our loved ones, on the other side, that lets us know they are OK. Those messages bring us love, healing and hope from the Spirit World. Knowing that we never truly pass, helps heal our fears of death, grief and feelings of lonelieness. For we are never truly left alone. It is through the evidence that we receive from the spirits who have transitioned and left the physical body behind, that we can truly know that life does continue and that love lives on.  We are spirit here, now and always!  We have always been, are now, and will continue to be, as we evolve on the spirit side of life.

Know that whom ever comes through to you, it is to bring you peace, Love, happy memories and guidance.  We are loved by all the spirits on the other side no matter what our relationship was with them while they were here.  When they cross over, they shed that physical person of who we know them to be.  They pass over to connect into the world of love.  When they come through to us in a reading, they bring the memories of who they were so we can recognize them.  After that, they are an energy to be with us and to love us.

 Mediumhsip is not something to be afraid of. Your loved ones come through to you to help let you know that you are never alone and that they have never left you.