The Four Directions

Heidi M. 

"I have known Janet for several years now.  Janet was referred to me by a friend, who did a session with her, and was very pleased with the outcome.  I had a lost cat and was desperate to know where she was.  She was able to help me resolve the situation.  I have since contacted Janet about my horses and dogs.  I find Janet to have a great sense of humor and joy as she speaks to the animals.  I like her style, she has you remain silent in the beginning and then only allows you to validate the information she is bringing through.  I believe the communication is pure and that it is truly coming directly from the animal.  As they say, laughter is the best medicine, and even in those dark, serious moments, a smile or spark of joy and hope is all it takes to turn things around and start heading in a more positive direction.  I highly recommend Janet to anyone who cares about their animals!"  12/21/13

Nancy P.

"You have ALWAYS been SPOT ON on health issues – so Larry and I need your help again." 4/13/14   

Kelly H.

"Thank you again for the reading! It was very helpful and interesting."  5/17/14

John J.

"The Mediumship reading was so amazing.  I heard from a friend I was thinking of last week and it was so good to hear I needed to forgive him.  I found by letting go of how I felt at the time was so freeing.  Thank you so much."  8/24/14


Janet did a reading with Robin and her passed dog came through, when she was between 10 -12 years old, saying she dressed him up all the time.  Robin sent me a picture of her and the dog.


from clients.....

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