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    The Animal Whisperer

    Janet is an animal communicator and an educator with a Masters in Education. She is able to communicate with animals physically here and ones that have crossed over to the other side. 

    In her twenties, Janet had a near death experience when the boat she was sailing capsized. She was caught in the rigging under water and crossed over to the other side before returning to her body. It was only after that spiritual experience that she was able to communicate with animals. Janet has been honing her ability to help animals communicate with their owners ever since.


    About Me


    How It Works

    Sessions are done over the phone. Yes it works! 

    To contact Janet for an appointment, fill out the contact form below, email, or text 774.286.9120.


    Please do not provide any additional information about your pet prior to the scheduled appointment. 

    Sessions can be recorded. To be used for personal use only.